1st Coat - Zinc-Rich Epoxy

2nd Coat - Super Durable TGIC
Polyester (RAL 7034)

3rd Coat - Super Durable Crystal Clear

Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport.

1st Coat - Epoxy Primer

2nd Coat - Super Durable TGIC
Polyester (Flat Black)

3rd Coat - Super Durable Crystal Clear

New Orleans Saints Champion Square Stage

1st Coat - Zinc-Rich Epoxy Primer

2nd Coat - Super Durable TGIC
Polyester (Flat Black)

3rd Coat - Super Durable Crystal Clear

University of New Orleans Maestri Field
It looks like paint but protects like armor



Do you have metal furniture, appliances, decorative pieces or other objects with damaged or worn finishes? Wrought iron furniture doesn’t have to look like there’s no hope. Powder coating restores outdoor furniture to a better than new finish because we care more about you than the manufacturer.

EPCNOLA can restore your metal items to their original appearance or transform them with all-new colors, textures and finishes. Don’t waste time, money and energy on do-it-yourself spray painting. It makes a mess, offers far fewer choices of finishes and colors, and it wears off quickly. Not to mention all the hand sanding and cleaning required. Instead, let the experts at EPCNOLA give your metal items a flawless, extremely durable, brand-new powder-coated finish. If your pieces will fit in our 8’ X 12’ X 40’ oven, and they can withstand heat up to 425 degrees, we can coat them. However, we do have the ability to cure at temperatures as low as 240 degrees Fahrenheit and UV lamp curing as well.

You can choose from a nearly infinite number of colors and huge variety of finishes: gloss, matte, metallic, translucents, wrinkled, textured, veined and many others.

Below is just a small list of items we most frequently coat. Please call is you have any questions at all.

Patio Furniture
Bunk Beds
Office Partitions
Metal Cabinets

Lawn & Garden
Lawn Mowers
Barbecue Grills
Garden Tools

General Metal
Bicycle Frames
Exercise/Gym Equipment
Fire Extinguishers

Powder Tough Coated